This is a wonderful example of the somewhat organic direction in which Lacey leads his paintings. A Night Beneath the Light of Saturn was his first oil painting, begun in high school. He spent several years on the piece, during which time he modified the foreground atmospheric effects (sfumato), and enhanced the cloudy surface of Saturn with the cellular formations of Jupiter as were then being revealed in images returned to us by the Pioneer spacecraft. Saturn is far more serene than he has depicted it. Nevertheless, if Stanley Kubrick can move the monolith from Arthur C. Clarke’s book, 2001: A Space Odyssey, from Saturn to Jupiter, then Lacey can move the atmosphere of Jupiter itself to Saturn. Hooray Lacey! In a distant future of a sun swollen and grown old, the new, brighter sun may drive winds fresh across the face of the great ringed planet. What was once cold and distant has become hospitable.

Although, Lacey Stinson original Early Works are not for sale, ask Rebecca Honeycutt from our Contact Page about reproductions that are available upon request.