Lacey Stinson’s Curriculum Vitae

When I was young I believed the fictions of superstition, magic, and the supernatural. I still do, because they remain fictions and make good stories.
Art is fiction. It’s enjoyed as fiction. There is no need to pretend it’s any more than this. Live Life Artfully.
I grew up with three siblings on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not quite the country, but to my young mind our home stood at the edge of a broad doorway into a wilderness.  On the far side of our backyard fence, beneath the moss-covered hardwood trees, my older brother and I would spend many afternoons and summer days exploring earthy woods and creeks where, with all the wonder of new discoveries, we would find snakes, bugs, frogs, turtles, and interestingly shaped sticks or a rock or two. There was a lake behind the house where the deep, resonant mating calls of the bullfrog broke the damp, still night air, while peacocks in the mornings would make their own haunting and distant announcements from the lake’s far bank. On an occasional cool morning the peacocks would come over the fence and into the yard, often to be chased back by our delighted morning selves.
During these years I recall sitting on the living room floor and drawing volumetric, foreshortened images with ink pens of my best friend riding towards me on his training-wheeled bike. My mother made special places on the wall to tack up these works of art, giving them special recognition. My drawing, and the paintings which came later, has always been about creating a small place where the mind can go to explore itself, and to find things living there which dance endlessly into new imaginative experiences. In this respect, my first impressions of this world I was born into are in every way still with me.
I paint, plant, and draw liberally to inspire devotion to these things.

Lacey Stinson’s love for natural forms, a recurring element in his body of work, comes from having grown up around lakes, creek beds, and undeveloped Southern woods of the United States. Spanish moss creeping from tree to tree, the odor of crawdad flutes rising from the mud, snapping turtles, and rabbit-chasing hounds colored many of the earliest days of his youth. His father’s work as a Navy pilot led to his family spending two summers in the arid landscapes of southwestern Spain. This invigorated his young imagination. Sand-swept terrain reluctantly bore scrubby, stubby, patchy coniferous forests. Whether mule-drawn carts bearing produce into town, or the orchard trees, ritually stripped of their bark to make cork for bottles of wine, one of the region’s more prized industries, the timelessness of a day’s sights and sounds still inspires him when visiting North Louisiana’s peach orchards growing near his current studio. Stinson’s early interests continue to manifest themselves in his later work. His North Louisiana landscape painting has subsequently evolved into abstract studio paintings on large canvases. Expanding on these painting accomplishments, Stinson began collaborating with other artists and writers to design and illustrate poetry chapbooks, children’s books, and collections of short fiction. Out of this graphic and illustrative period came his collection of ‘Small Worlds’ drawings. Two pieces from the ‘Small Worlds’ series were recently shown at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. Stinson remains committed to diversifying his artistic themes in small and large forms.


pip and lacey A Louisiana native, fine art painter of landscapes, portraits and surreal masterpieces, Lacey Stinson currently resides outside the northern Louisiana communities of Monroe and Ruston with his feline companion and muse Pip, who regularly sits in Mr. Stinson’s lap while he draws, paints, and plays the piano.